100+ Space-Themed Names For Cats

Space-Themed Names For Cats

Are you looking for an awesome space-themed name for your new feline friend? You’ve come to the right place! We know that cats may not be able to explore the stars, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give them a space-themed name.

With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to choose the perfect name for your new kitty that pays homage to the great beyond. From Buzz Lightyear to the Milky Way, there are plenty of options when it comes to naming your cat after something space-related. It’s time to blast off for some cosmic cat-naming inspiration.

So get your rocket ready and let’s get started!

25 Space-Themed Names For Cats

1. Milky Way

The Milky Way is an awe-inspiring phenomenon that creates a stunning backdrop to the night sky. An apt name for a curious, fun, and adventurous Kitty. Cats are also mysterious and majestic creatures, much like the Milky Way. Moreover, it’s playful that will make any feline seem amazing.

2. Rocket

Cats with a lot of energy, who explore their environment, and who are always on the move can be named Rocket. It evokes the energy and curiosity of the pets and is playful. In addition, it has a connection to space exploration and adventure, making it a fascinating conversation starter. When you are trying to get your pet back home, Rocket makes it easy for you to remember.

3. Comet

If it fits the cat’s personality, Comet could be the most fitting name. The night sky is usually filled with beautiful, mysterious, and awe-inspiring comets. Felines with this name are inquisitive and adventurous. As a comet appears suddenly in the night sky and disappears just as quickly, it could also represent the unpredictable nature of the cat. An energetic and unique kitty named Comet would make a fascinating space-themed feline.

4. Astro

You may want to consider Astro for a cat if you are searching for a space-themed name. It a short, and memorable. Moreover, it has a playful, spirited connotation, making it suitable for pets. As well as having a gender-neutral design, it is also suitable for cats of all ages.

5. Starry

Invoking a sense of awe and excitement about space, “Starry” is an excellent name for a feline. Starry is associated with a night sky full of stars, the vastness and beauty of space, and the possibilities beyond our universe. Furthermore, cats are known to be curious and independent creatures, and this might serve as a reminder of the cat’s curiosity.

6. Buzz Lightfur

Among the space-themed cat names, Buzz Lightfur stands out. Playful and fun, it also has a hint of adventure, which may appeal to pet owners looking for something exciting and futuristic. Moreover, this is reminiscent of Disney’s famous character, Buzz Lightyear, which can bring back childhood memories.

7. Orion

You may consider the name Orion for your cat since it is a famous constellation. Bright stars make up the constellation, which represents a hunter, which is a suitable description of a cat. Moreover, Orion derives from Greek mythology and has a powerful, regal sound that suits a majestic feline.

8. Starlord

For those looking for a space-inspired name for their cat, Starlord might be a suitable choice. The Starlord conjures up images of a majestic, powerful cat exploring the cosmos bravely. Besides being a nod to the Guardians of the Galaxy character, this may also suit a cat that loves adventure. It’s also pretty cool to be called Starlord!

9. Nebula

This space-themed cat name evokes the vastness of the universe, as well as its galaxies, stars, and planets. Moreover, it’s memorable and unique, and anyone who loves pets will enjoy it. A nebula is also a Latin word that means “cloud,” which ties in nicely with cats’ fluffy and dreamy natures.

10. Buzz Lightclaw 

You can name your cat Buzz Lightclaw. Fun, playful, and easy to remember, further it has a hint of the adventurous and daring nature of cats. “Buzz” is associated with movement and activity, which cats are known for, as well as exploration and discovery. The term “light claw” refers to a cat’s agility and speed, as well as its ability to find its way in the dark. An excellent feline name must possess all of these qualities!

11. Star Furr

As a space-themed name, “Star Furr” is a smart choice because it combines the idea of stars in the night sky with a cat’s soft fur. Often associated with the vastness of space, it also evokes a sense of mystery and wonder. Furr also conjures up images of cuddly, affectionate, and furry pets, which would be a pleasant reminder of your cat’s warm personality.

12. Space Oddity

If you want to name your cat Space Oddity, this is a suitable choice since it refers to the classic David Bowie song about an astronaut in space. A playful and curious cat may also enjoy its fun and whimsical sound. This is also apt since cats are known for their odd behavior.

13. Starry Night

A starry night sky evokes feelings of awe and beauty. The painting also pays homage to the iconic work by Vincent Van Gogh of the same name. Your adorable feline friend will appreciate the unique and memorable name.

14. Moon Rover

Cats are known for their curiosity and exploratory nature, as well as their independence. The term “rover” also implies the cat’s ability to move freely and explore the world. Moon Rover also has a hint of whimsy and mystery, which makes it an ideal name for a space-loving pet.

15. Space Cadet

Cats who enjoy exploring, climbing, and adventure deserve a title like Space Cadet. This implies that this cat is always up for a challenge and is always eager to learn. A name like “space cadet” also implies that this cat is highly intelligent, as the term is often used to describe someone who is highly intelligent or who unusually approaches problems.

16. Moon Cat 

The phrase “Moon Cat” conjures up images of a mysterious and otherworldly cat. Furthermore, it can provide a unique and imaginative way to bond with your pet, as it creates a sense of cosmic exploration and adventure. In many cultures, the moon is also seen as a symbol of strength and protection by cats. You will have a stronger bond with your cat when you name him “Moon Cat”!

17. Zero Gravity

Those cats who love space or the night sky would be well-suited to Zero Gravity. The term can also be used to describe cats’ curious and free-spirited personalities. Furthermore, the name refers to cats being able to jump and climb effortlessly, defying the laws of gravity.

18. Star Paws

Because it’s playful and clever, Star Paws might work well as a space-related cat name. Stars refer to the night sky and outer space, while paws refer to the feet of a cat. In addition, the wordplay of combining the two words makes it even more memorable. The addition of this feature enhances the uniqueness.

19. SuperNova

“Supernova” is an incredibly powerful celestial event, so it would be a fitting name for a strong, brave, and adventurous cat. In addition, it has a cosmic feel, which might suit cats with a whimsical attitude. The imagery of a supernova is also quite beautiful, making it ideal for cats with more regal and elegant personalities.

20. Sputnik

Sputnik was the first artificial satellite launched into Earth’s orbit, making it an icon of space exploration and the dawn of the Space Age. Moreover, cats are often referred to as “orbiting” around their owners, which makes the name even more appropriate.

21. Cosmic Purr

A purring cat also invokes the vastness and mystery of space in Cosmic Purr. Moreover, the name refers to the big bang theory, which is the scientific explanation for how our universe was created. Besides paying homage to cats’ relaxing purrs, this captures the wonder and awe of the cosmos.

22. Constellation

In light of its meaning, this name would be appropriate for cats with starry fur patterns or markings. As a bonus, many people associate stars with serenity and peace, which is a great theme to project onto your pet. Your cat will also love the constellation because of its unique sound.

23. Luna

In Latin, “luna” means “moon,” and it is associated with the night sky. Moons have also long been associated with cats, making them suitable for a feline with a cosmic theme. The name Luna is also a beautiful choice for both males and females. Luna is unique, and meaningful that is sure to match pet parents’ space-themed preferences.

24. Star Gazer

A stargazer has an inquisitive nature, always watching the stars. Gazing at the stars also requires concentration and focus, implying a certain intelligence level. Cats are also often playful and adventurous, exploring their surroundings and chasing after toys and bugs, thus the name. In general, it’s a suitable fit for a curious, intelligent, and playful kitty who loves to explore and gaze at the stars.

25. Martian

The word “Martian” conjures up images of adventure and exploration. It also has a playful element, referencing the popular sci-fi trope of humans colonizing and exploring the Red Planet. “Martian” is also associated with curiosity and adventure, which makes it a fitting name for a cat who lives in space.

25 Space-Themed Girl Cat Names

Space-Themed Girl Cat Names

1. Universe

2. Astronomy

3. Spacewalk

4. Astrology

5. Starburst

6. Luna Sparkle

7. Stardust Serenity 

8. Celestial Cleo

9. Galaxy Gizmo

10. Astral Breeze

11. Constellation Cali

12. Cosmic Chantilly

13. Solar Simone

14. Nebula Nadia

15. Supernova Sophia

16. Zodiac Zoey

17. Glitter Sapphire

18. Vortex Violet

19. Astral Velvet

20. Astraea

21. Selene

22. Aria

23. Juno

24. Athena

25. Maia

25 Space-Themed Boy Cat Names

Space-Themed Boy Cat Names

1. Nebula 

2. Spaceman 

3. Infinity 

4. Zenith

5. Moonbeam

6. Astrocrush

7. Astroboy

8. Cosmo

9. Galax

10. Zodiac

11. Sol

12. Sirius

13. Phoenix

14. Cassiopeia

15. Moonshine

16. Saturn

17. Polaris

18. Stratos

19. Astrocat

20. Starman

21. Ganymede

22.  Eventide

23.  Adonis

24. Titan

25. Vortex

25 Cool Space-themed Names for Cats

1. Starla

2. Skye

3. Stellar

4. Eclipse

5. Asteroid

6. Galactica

7. Orion

8. Hypernova

9. Solaris

10. Voidstar

11. Black Hole

12. Cosmic Kitty

13. Uranus

14. Proxima

15. Galaxar

16. Quasar

17. Klystron

18. Jupiter

19. Halley

20. Skyla

21. Celestial

22. Altair

23. Vega

24. Andromeda

25. Magnetar