100+ Ragdoll Cat Names

Ragdoll Cat Names

If you have recently welcomed a beautiful Ragdoll cat into your home, then you will need to come up with the perfect name! Ragdoll cats are a favored choice among cat owners due to their gentle and loving personalities, so you’ll want your new feline friend to have a name that is just as special as they are. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of fun and unique Ragdoll cat names for you to choose from, and we’re here to help you find one that is perfect.

To help make the process easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Ragdoll cat names so you can pick one that will suit your new furry friend.

20 Girl Ragdoll Kitten Names

Girl Ragdoll Kitten Names

1. Mabel

Ragdoll kittens have a sweet and timeless name like this. The word “amabilis” derives from the Latin word “amabilis”, which means “lovable”. Having a name like this is the perfect fit for a cute, cuddly little Ragdoll cat.

2. Pixie

Pixie is a petite Ragdoll kitten with an energetic and playful personality that makes her a delight to be around. Despite her sweet and gentle demeanor, she loves running and jumping around as much as she can. During the day, she loves to run after strings and play with her toys, and at night, she loves to snuggle up and sleep with her toys. Her name was chosen to reflect her sweet and gentle character and her small stature. Pixie is the perfect name for this adorable little Ragdoll.

3. Willow

There is something very graceful and beautiful about the name Willow. The word is derived from the Old English word “welig”, which means “willow tree”, which was used in the Middle Ages. There are plenty of Ragdoll kittens that have gentle, graceful dispositions that would be ideally suited for this cat.

4. Misty

Misty is another beautiful name for a Ragdoll kitten. It’s derived from the Old English word “mistig”, meaning “misty”. It’s perfect for a kitten that is always ready for a cuddle.

5. Penelope

Penelope is a spunky and adventurous Ragdoll kitten, who loves to explore and have fun. She’s always on the go, running around and getting into mischief. Her name reflects her spunky personality, as it’s the perfect combination of classic and modern. It honors the traditional Greek mythology character, Penelope, who was known for her wit and intelligence.

6. Bella

There is nothing more beautiful and timeless than the name Bella. There is a connection between this name and the Italian word “Bella”, meaning “beautiful” in English. An adventure-seeking Ragdoll kitten would love a character like this. It is a perfect name for such a kitten.

7. Ginger

This is a vibrant and spirited name for a Ragdoll kitten. It is a fitting name for this breed of cat, which is known for its outgoing, active, and playful personality. Additionally, the word ‘ginger’ comes from the Latin word ‘Zingiber’, which means ‘horned’ – a perfect description of the unique physical characteristics of Ragdoll cats.

8. Coco

A Ragdoll kitten named Coco would make an adorable addition to any family. Not only are Ragdoll kittens extremely cute, but they are also known for being very affectionate and loyal companions. They get along well with children and other pets and are known to be low-maintenance cats.

9. Marzipan

Marzipan is an adorable name for a Ragdoll kitten. Marzipan is a type of confectionery made from almonds, sugar, and egg whites. It’s also known as marzipan paste. This name is perfect for a cute and sweet Ragdoll kitten, just like the candy it was inspired by!

10. Snowbell

The name Snowbell is the perfect name for a Ragdoll kitten since it is simple and sweet. Not only because of the obvious reference to the beloved movie character but also because Ragdolls are known for their white fur that looks like freshly fallen snow. Snowbell is a name that just oozes cuteness and sweetness, making it the perfect name for your new furry family member.

11. Marshmallow

This name is a nod to the cat’s soft, fluffy fur that is often compared to the fluffy marshmallows we eat on s’mores. It also has an element of sweetness to it, just like Ragdoll’s personality! Marshmallow is a name that will make everyone who meets your kitty smile.

12. Fluffy

In recognition of Ragdoll kittens’ incredibly soft fur as well as the cuddly nature of their fur, Fluffy is the perfect name for one. The name Fluffy is a great way to remind yourself of their signature fluffy fur and reminds you of how they feel when they lay on your lap. It’s also a great way to recognize their playful personalities, as they are known for their mischievous antics!

13. Luna

Luna is a relaxed and loving Ragdoll kitten, who loves to cuddle and be around her family. Her name is the perfect reflection of her calming personality, as it’s a beautiful and delicate name derived from Latin, meaning ‘moon’. It captures her gentle nature and reminds her humans of her specialness.

14. Cotton Candy

This is an apt name for a Ragdoll kitten with beautiful, soft, and fluffy fur. Just like the sugary treat, this kitten’s fur is light and delicate and will be a joy to stroke and pet. Its soft and silky texture is sure to make you want to keep Cotton Candy purring happily in your lap for hours. The name Cotton Candy also symbolizes the pure sweetness of this gentle, affectionate breed of cats.

15. Daisy

Daisy is a sweet and bubbly name that captures the playful, happy-go-lucky nature of Ragdoll kittens. The name Daisy is derived from the old English word dæges ēage, which means “day’s eye,” referring to the fact that daisies open and close with the sun. This name is perfect for a Ragdoll cat who loves to explore and play in the sunshine!

16. Honey

As the name says Honey is a warm and inviting name that instantly reminds you of sweetness and love. Honey is the perfect name for a Ragdoll kitten who loves to cuddle and give lots of kisses. This name is derived from the Middle English word hunig, which is also the root of the word “honeybee”. The Ragdoll cat bearing this name will surely be a beloved friend and companion!

17. Mitzi

Mitzi is a spunky, playful Ragdoll kitten with an infectious personality. She loves chasing balls of yarn, cuddling with her owners, and basking in the sun. She’s always the life of the party and loves having her picture taken. Her name reflects her fun-loving nature and her desire to always be the center of attention.

 18. Flora

It is another beautiful name for a Ragdoll kitten! Flora is the name of the Roman Goddess of flowers and spring, so it’s perfect for a bright and cheerful kitty. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your Ragdoll’s unique coloring – just like a beautiful flower!

19. Lily

Choosing the name Lily as the name for your Ragdoll kitten is a wonderful choice. The name is derived from the Latin word “Lilium” which is the scientific name for the lily flower. This is a wonderful name choice for a Ragdoll, as they are known for their natural grace and beauty. Your little Lily will be sure to bring a smile to your face and lots of love to your home.

20. Princess Dina

Princess Dina is a perfect name for a Ragdoll kitten because it invokes the image of a delicate, regal, and classy. The name conveys the idea of a stunningly beautiful, soft, and majestic creature that rules the house. Plus, it’s so cute and sweet that you can’t help but smile when you hear it! you can also use this name in memory of Lady Dina.

20 Unique Female Ragdoll Names

Unique Female Ragdoll Names

1. Aurora

2. Dahlia

3. Sophia

4. Moira

5. Zinnia

6. Clover

7.  Peaches

8. Sapphire

9. Hazel

10. Ivory

11. Blondie

12. Clementine

13. Aquamarine

14. Honeydew 

15. Flutter 

16. Primrose

17. Clementine

18. Rosemary

19. Pearl

20. Marigold

21. Amethyst

22. Ember

23. Jasmine

24. Niamh

25. Freya

26. Saffron

27. Scarlet

28. Cora

29. Iris Thalia

30. Junie

20 Male Ragdoll Names

1. Maximus

2. Leo

3. Merlin

4. Gizmo

5. Jasper

6. Sterling

7. Baxter

8. Hamilton

9. Ollie

10. Phoenix

11. Marlon

12. Rocky

13. Felix

14. Octavius

15. Chauncey

16. Romeo

17. Harvey

18. Chuckles

19. Walnut

20. Scooter

21. Milo

22. Damien

23. Simba

24. Widget

25. Elroy

26. Cosmo

27. Monty

28. Bruce 

29. Dexter

30. Marmaduke

20 Posh Ragdoll Names

1. Reginald 

2. Winston 

3. Rupert 

4. Chester 

5. Humphrey 

6. Clarence 

7. Edmund 

8.  Lionel

9. Eustace 

10. Oswald 

11. Thaddeus

12. Cyril 

13. Alastair 

14. Tobias 

15. Archibald 

16. Isadora

17. Seraphina

18. Blythe

19. Montague 

20. Horace 

21. Basil 

22. Gertrude 

23. Pemberley 

24. Ambrose 

25. Theodora 

26. Oscar 

27. Esmeralda 

28. Godiva 

29. Cordelia 

30. Desmond