100+ Old Lady Cat Names

You might be looking for a fun and unique name for your new fur baby, so why not get inspired by the classic “Old Lady” names? These classic, timeless names will bring a smile to your face every time you call out to your kitty.

From grand and stately to quirky and silly, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a name for a sweet and gentle cat or a feisty and adventurous one, you’ll be sure to find something fitting.

Old Lady Cat Names

50 Old Lady Cat Names

1. Wispy

Inspired by the thin, white fur of an old lady cat, this name is great for an independent feline who is always on the lookout for adventure. She may be a wise old soul, but there’s something about her that’s so mysterious.

2. Sprinkles

Sprinkles enjoys having fun and may not be scared of a little sugar. She is a sweet woman who enjoys playing chase and cuddling with others. Her infectious purr and goofy nature put a smile on everyone’s face.

3. Noodle

A senior cat who enjoys napping in your lap might be best known by the name Noodle. She always has something insightful to share, and her calm demeanor will make you feel at home in her presence.

4. Coco

Coco is undoubtedly the cat who prefers to lead an opulent life. She’s the one who will never say no, whether it’s an extra cushion on her favorite chair or additional sweets for you and the rest of the family.

5. Mittens

She doesn’t like the cold and is constantly eager to learn more about the world around her, whether or not it involves dodging some snowballs.

6. Fuzzy

Fuzzy is best suited for someone that loves a big, cuddly cat. She’s old but she still loves to play like a kitten and may even surprise you with her spunkiness. She’s one of those cats that will stand by your side no matter what.

7. Misty

Despite being old, Misty is still a playful and affectionate cat. She might be shy at first, but the moment you earn her trust she’ll be your best friend. She’s got a playful side too, so let her lead you in her mischievous ventures and enjoy her company.

8. Dot

Dot is the old lady cat that loves to stay comfortable, and also loves to move around. She’s been around for a long time and has seen it all, and she knows what she likes. She’s loyal and will never leave your side, no matter what.

9. Sunshine

As the perfect match for an old lady cat, sunshine is the one who brightens up any room. She may not be one to make lots of noise, but her presence is always felt. She’s the perfect companion that’s always available when you need her.

10. Mocha

Mocha is a great name for an old cat who loves to lounge around and watch the world go by. She’s an old soul with a lot of experience and the patience to always be there for you.

11. Hilda

For an older lady cat who enjoys the finer things in life, Hilda is the perfect name. She loves getting her beauty rest in a cozy bed and snacking on gourmet treats. She may even enjoy an evening of captivating classical music with a creamer side of cream and fresh tuna. All these luxuries Hilda certainly appreciates.

12. Clementine

Lady cat Clementine has a classic grace and personality. She enjoys running in a warm, sunny spot and is particularly fond of the occasional lazy day lounging around in her favorite spot. She takes pride in observing her humans and loves taking a stroll on a warm summer day.

13. Edith

Edith is an old lady cat name with a sassy attitude. She loves to take charge of the other cats in the home and will not put up with any sort of nonsense. She’s sharp-eyed and attentive, always keeping an eye out for her beloved humans and ensuring everything is in order.

14. Virginia

Virginia is a name given to a lady cat that loves attention. She’s quite vocal, always demanding to be picked up, and rewarded with belly rubs upon her request. She loves spending time lounging around in her favorite spot or playing with her beloved toys.

15. Bertha

In the afternoons, Bertha enjoys taking long naps. She’ll curl up in a comfy spot and relax until the sun sets, sometimes even longer. In her younger years, she was quite the adventurous one but has since settled into a quieter lifestyle.

16. Agatha

It is hard to resist the sweet disposition of Agatha, the gentle old lady cat. She loves cozying up with her humans or another cat in a favorite spot, or simply adoring her favorite toy as if it were a precious treasure. She has a nuanced understanding of the world and enjoys observing her surroundings.

17. Bella

Bella is an old lady cat name with a spunky personality. She loves getting out of the house for a daily dose of exploration and excitement. Whether it’s pouncing on a fallen leaf or batting at a toy, Bella is on the go and can never be held still!

18. Millie

Millie is a dignified name for an old lady cat. She loves cuddling and spending her days lounging around on her favorite furniture. She also loves to curl up with a good book and soak up all the knowledge that comes with it.

19. Georgia

Georgia is the name of an old lady cat who enjoys adventure. She’s always up for an afternoon of exploring the outdoors, whether it be a quiet stroll in the woods or a romp through the fields. She loves the thrill of discovery and finds comfort in the familiar.

20. Ida

An old lady cat named Ida has a heart of gold. She loves spending her days curled up with her beloved human or wandering around outside, taking in all the sights and smells that come with each new experience. She loves company but also loves appreciating the beauty of a tranquil moment.

21. Mrs. Feathers

Mrs. Feathers is a name for an old lady cat who knows the importance of standing out! Her coat is long and luxurious, her ears are tufted like a feather, and her tail is fluffed up all the time! She loves to show off her fancy fur and enjoys being the center of attention, always ensuring that her coat is looking perfect.

22. Granny Claws

Granny Claws is an old lady cat name who is not afraid to show off her moxie! She is always strutting around the neighborhood, letting everyone know that she has the sharpest claws in town. Her age has done nothing to dim her lively spirit and she is often the life of the party, always ready and willing to wrestle in the sun.

23. Grandma Prudy

Grandma Prudy is a more sophisticated old lady. Her age has done nothing to dull her prim and proper manner, and she can often be found sitting in the sunshine, grooming her fluffy fur with precision. She loves to keep up with the latest feline trends and loves to show off her knowledge of complicated topics whenever she gets the chance.

24. Auntie Purr

Auntie Purr is the relative everyone loves the most! Her age has done nothing to dampen the warmth and love that she shows her family. She is frequently found curled up on the couch, writing a heartfelt note of encouragement or purring back a hug to someone in need. She is a warm and loving presence that is deeply missed when she isn’t around.

25. Sweet Nana

Sweet Nana is an old lady cat name who has a heart of gold! She loves spoiling her family and friends with treats and cuddles, and she is often found cuddling up to all of her grandchildren. Her age has done nothing to distract her from her loving nature, and she can often be found giving out large hugs of appreciation and joy.

26. Hazel

27. Henrietta

28. Hilda

29. Hortense

30. Iris

31. Isabel

32. Jane

33. Josephine

34. June

35. Kathleen

36. Kirby

37. Lavinia

38. Letitia

39. Libby

40. Lucille

41. Mabel

42. Maisie

43. Marge

44. Minnie

45. Nadine

46. Octavia

47. Opal

48. Pearl

49. Penelope

50. Prudence

50 Funny Old Lady Cat Names

Funny old lady cat names are an ideal way to honor our beloved feline friends who have reached their senior years. After all, they deserve a silly moniker to show them how much we love them!

Funny Old Lady Cat Names

1. Abigail Zoomers

2. Beatrice Featherston

3. Clarissa Glitterhose

4. Doris Whimpleton

5. Estelle Zippetypoo

6. Frieda Fiddlesticks

7. Gladys Highfalutin

8. Harriet Beachbender

9. Isabell Jippityjunk

10. Jesse Bucklite

11. Kandy Powderpuff

12. Louise Snorkelfuzzle

13. Mae Mae McSnuggles

14. Nellie Noodleloopy

15. Opal Gizmogator

16. Pearl Serenitysnoop

17. Quincy Funkscratcher

18. Ruth Blenderbug

19. Suzie Poddledittle

20. Tina Moppet

21. Vicky Lamplighter

22. Wilma Jollypop

23. Polly Tweaksprout

24. Myrtle Tinysmooch

25. Ida Zigzigbanana

26. Alice Clunkuss

27. Blossom Lionheart

28. Bessie Plinkypie

29. June Bananabutty

30. Haley Flutterkin

31. Cindy Drumbittle

32. Kay Peachmonkle

33. Ethel Beegopop

34. Clara Gumswagger

35. Grace Wheezlepuff

36. Millie Glampop

37. Agnes Frittersnook

38. Dolly Doobledapple

39. Alberta Zoopzap

40. Violet Bluebeloop

41. Fiona Shimmysham

42. Wanda Flopflop

43. Blanche Faffaroony

44. Libby Crookishloop

45. Gertrude Zustercrackle

46. Sharon Superfuzz

47. Julie Nimbletoes

48. Marjorie Tinklyfunk

49. Henrietta Gleemiddle

50. Saffron Coldsoup