100+ Cat Names That Start With S

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Cat names that start with S are a purrrfectly pawsome way to show your kitty just how much you love them! From the classic and traditional to the unique and quirky, there is a name for every feline. 

Whether you have a sassy Siamese or a sweet Simona, you’ll be sure to find the perfect name beginning with S for your special companion. From the classic Sylvester to the unusual Sheldon, you will find the perfect moniker for your furry friend. So, get ready to explore the wonderful world of cat names that start with S!

25 Cat names that start with S

1. Sam

Sam can be a good name for a cat if you are looking for a name that is short, sweet, and simple. It is also a good choice if you are looking for a name that is gender-neutral and easy to remember. Additionally, it has a pleasant sound and is an excellent fit for a wide range of cats.

2. Smokey

Smokey is a superb cat name as it conveys a sense of mystery and independence. The name has a strong and mysterious sound to it, and it could be a useful way to tell your cat apart from other felines. It is also common to associate cats with the color gray, which is often called “smokey.” This could be a great way to reference the fur color of your cat while still giving them a unique name.

3. Simona

Choosing Simona for your cat can be an excellent choice if you want a name that starts with S. It is a simple name for your cat to recognize. It also has a strong, pleasing sound that will make it enjoyable to call out your cat’s name.

4. Spot

“Spot” is an appropriate cat name for its simplicity, shortness, and ease of recall. It also has a playful, friendly connotation, making it a great choice for a pet.

5. Sasha

Sasha is a wonderful option for a name for a cat that begins with S. The name is classic, timeless, and familiar. It is easy to pronounce and can fit any breed, size, or color of the cat. The name is strong and confident, yet still delicate and sweet. It, too, has a gentle and endearing sound that is pleasing to the ear. The name is also unisex, so it can be used by either male or female cats. Sasha is a name that is sure to be loved by both the cat and the owner.

6. Sammy

Sammy is a suitable name for a cat because it is short, easy to pronounce, and has a friendly sound. It is also an easily recognizable name for cats to recognize and respond to. Additionally, the letter “S” is a good initiative for cats because it is a sharp sound that is likely to gain their attention. Furthermore, Sammy has a playful connotation that might be well-suited for a playful and energetic cat. In addition, the name is versatile, since it can be applied both to males and females. All in all, Sammy is a suitable name for a pet cat.

7. Snickers

Snickers is an ideal name for a cat starting with the letter S. Snickers is an inviting name with a pleasant sound, inspiring feelings of comfort and friendliness. It is a name that is easy to remember and will be recognizable to anyone who hears it. The word itself is playful, suggesting an energetic and lively personality, which can be beneficial for a pet. Aside from this, the name has a soft and gentle sound, which serves as a gentle reminder to give the cat care and attention. Snickers is a timeless name that is sure to bring joy and happiness to any household.

8. Snuggles:

Snuggles is an adorable and endearing name for a cat because it evokes feelings of warmth, comfort, and companionship. The word is unique and interesting, and it is easy to remember. Positive connotations and ease of pronunciation make it a good selection. Moreover, the “S” sound is an alliteration that is pleasing to the ear. Snuggles is also a cute and playful name that could be used for a kitten or an adult cat. It is a great name to call a furry friend that loves to snuggle. It is a perfect choice for a pet that loves to cuddle and be close to its owners.

9. Sage

An excellent pick for a cat name that begins with the letter S is Sage. This word has a calming, wise connotation that suggests a thoughtful and loving companion. It has a gentle, relaxed sound, perfect for a pet that offers comfort and companionship. A pet with this name will also be able to provide insight and wisdom, making him a trustworthy confidant. Besides sounding strong and effortless to pronounce, it is straightforward to remember. Sage is a great choice for any pet, particularly a cat.

10. Sylvester

Sylvester is a classic, timeless name for a cat that is sure to make any feline feel special. It has an interesting origin, being derived from the Latin word ‘Silvester’ meaning ‘wooded’. This makes it perfect for a cat with a strong connection to nature. It is equally a strong name, making it a great choice for a larger or more assertive cat. Sylvester’s popularity is also boosted by the letter ‘S,’ which is a popular letter for cat names.

11. Sydney

In terms of cat names, Sydney is a fantastic option. It is a name that is both classic and modern, so it will not quickly go out of style. In addition to being versatile, Sydney can be used for both female and male cats. The name is also easy to pronounce and quite memorable, making it The perfect choice for cats who are frequently around new people. Its uniqueness makes it a great cat name that stands out while still being recognizable.

12. Sebastian

A cat named Sebastian would make an excellent choice because it is a strong, timeless name. The design has a classic feel, while nonetheless being unique and memorable. It is simple yet sophisticated and could be a lovely way to show your pet just how special they are to you. The name can as well be shortened to Seb, which is a cute and affectionate way to refer to your feline friend. Sebastian is also a relatively short name, which can be good for cats as it is easier for them to recognize. Those looking for an S-based cat name will find Sebastian an excellent alternative.

13. Simba

The name Simba is charming and playful, beginning with the letter S. A popular Disney character from The Lion King, evokes warm nostalgia. Simba is the name of a Swahili name meaning “lion” and is a fitting name for a feline. As a name, it is unique, yet familiar, and has a bouncy, fun feel to it. It is also easily recognizable, so it is a good choice for pet owners who want their cats to have a memorable name.

14. Sparky

Sparky is an energetic and enthusiastic name for a cat. It has a sense of fun and playfulness, which could be fitting for an active and lively pet. The name is short and catchy, making it easy to remember and convenient to call when you need to get your cat’s attention. The letter ‘S’ at the beginning could make it stand out among other cat names. Sparky could be a playful name for a young and excitable cat, or a strong and independent name for an older and bolder one.

15. Stacey

Stacey is a unique and creative name to choose for a cat. It is a great way to honor a beloved family member or friend with the same name. The letter S makes it easy to remember and can evoke a warm feeling when said. It is also a strong name that reflects a strong and independent cat. Additionally, the two syllables give it a nice balance and sound. Stacey can be a good name if you are looking for something unusual yet familiar. 

16. Stormy

Stormy is a fitting name for a cat because it is strong, evocative, and has a strong connection to nature. The name Stormy conveys a sense of power, passion, and determination. It is also a unique name that stands out amongst the more common cat names. Stormy is a good name choice because it is distinctive and memorable, and it captures the personality of the cat perfectly. Moreover, Stormy is a name that evokes mystery and adventure, so it is perfect for a mischievous cat.

17. Sunny

Sunny is a bright and cheerful name for a cat, evoking feelings of warmth and positivity. It is an ideal choice for a pet that is always happy and energetic. Names like this can also be used to suggest a cat with an optimistic outlook on life. Sunny has a playful ring to it, suggesting a cat that loves to have fun and be the life of the party. It is in addition a unique and creative option for a pet that stands out from the crowd. As well as being gender-neutral, Sunny is suitable for both males and females.

18. Snowball

Snowball is an apt name for a cat as it is associated with winter and cold weather, which can be a comforting idea. Furthermore, it is a fun, bouncy name that reflects the playful nature of cats. In addition, it is an easy-to-remember and simple word. The name also evokes childhood memories, which makes it a nostalgic one. The word further emphasizes a sense of softness and gentleness, which is often associated with cats. Further, it works for males and females alike, since it is gender-neutral. 

19. Smoke

Smoke is an evocative name that can capture the essence of a cat’s personality. It conjures up images of mystery and strength, but also of a gentle and subtle nature. Aside from that, it stands out from the more common names that begin with S. It is short, easy to pronounce and remember, and has a certain mystique about it. Several breeds and personalities of cats are compatible with their connotations, and they can be used for both males and females.

20. Smudge

Smudge is an interesting and unique name for a cat. It has the right amount of whimsy to make it special and memorable. The ‘S’ sound is pleasing and its connotation has an upbeat, positive connotation. It is a fresh, modern name that will stand out among other cats with similar names. The name is fun and easy to pronounce, making it perfect for a beloved pet. Besides having a great ring, it looks amazing and stands out from the crowd. Smudge is a name that owners and their cats can bond over, while also providing an individual identity.

21. Spice

Spice is an ideal name for a cat due to its connotations of warmth and flavor. It is short and easy to say, and its ‘s’ sound is pleasing. It evokes feelings of comfort and coziness. As a pet name, it’s unique and memorable. Moreover, this name can also be associated with feline characteristics such as sprightliness, playfulness, and agility. As the cat’s character develops, the name can grow with it, from kitten to adult.

22. Stella

Stella is an excellent alternative name for a cat as it is a short, sweet name that is easy to remember. It is a classic name with a timeless appeal. The name also has a pleasant sound to it that is pleasing to the ear. The design is likewise strong and feminine, which makes it the perfect choice for a female cat. As a result of its positive connotation, the name would make a wonderful pet name. Stella is in addition a name that can be used for virtually any breed of cat, regardless of size, color, or disposition. 

23. Sooty

Sooty is a splendid cat name because it is concise, simple, and straightforward to remember. It is also an interesting and unique name that stands out from others. It is as well a name that evokes a sense of softness and warmth, which is perfect for a feline companion. As well as adding charm and character to the name, it begins with the letter ‘S’. Further, the name can be used for both male and female cats. 

24. Sprinkles

Sprinkles is a fun and playful name that can be used for a cat. It is easy to remember and has a whimsical sound to it. It evokes images of something small, sweet, and cute, which is fitting for a fabulous feline. The name Sprinkles conjures ideas of a pet with a personality as delightful as a sprinkle of sugar. Also, Sprinkles is a good choice for energetic, dramatic cats. Those who love quirky and creative pet names will love the name.

25. Salem

Salem is a beautiful cat name starting with the letter S. It has a strong, yet friendly sound that many cats can relate to. It is also a name that will stand out in a crowd, making it easier to recognize your pet. The name Salem has a unique meaning, and it can be interpreted as Peaceful, which is a nice sentiment to associate with your pet. Using it to call your pet is convenient since it is short and easy to remember.

25 Male cat names that start with S

Male cat names that start with S

When it comes to choosing a name for your new male cat, you may want to consider one that starts with the letter S. There are many great options to choose from, each with its unique personality and charm. Whether you are looking for a traditional name, a creative one, or a name that reflects your cat’s distinctive character, there is something for everyone. From the classic Sam to the exotic Sebastian, there is a perfect S-name for your special feline friend. Read on to explore some of the best names for male cats beginning with S.

1. Sheldon

2. Simon

3. Saul

4. Socrates

5. Sebastian

6. Stone

7. Spike

8. Samwise

9. Scooter

10. Seth

11. Solomon

12. Sherlock

13. Scrappy

14. Sting

15. Stewie

16. Samson

17. Sullivan

18. Saeed

19. Sebastian

20. Spud

21. Spanky

22. Silly

23. Sarge

24. Skip

25. Scamper

25 Unique cat names starting with S

Unique cat names starting with S

When it comes to naming a pet, it can be difficult to come up with something truly unique. One great way to make your pet stand out is to choose a name that begins with the letter “S”. There are plenty of creative and unusual cat names to choose from that start with the letter “S”.

Some fun and unique titles for cats beginning with “S” include:

1. Silver

2. Sampson

3. Sarafina

4. Sebastian

5. Scamp

6. Shadow

7. Simon

8. Sid

9. Shiloh

10. Seymour

11. Snowflake

12. Snowy

13. Sophie

14. Stanley

15. Stella

16. Seamus

17. Sebastian

18. Scarlett

19. Sheba

20. Sabria

21. Saffron

22. Sabre

23. Sybil

24. Salty

25. Sandy

25 female Cat names that start with S

female Cat names that start with S

Cats have a wide variety of names, each one with its own special meaning and personality. Names that start with the letter S are often associated with strength, intelligence, and independence. There are a variety of unique female cat monikers that start with the letter S. These nicknames evoke an air of strength, grace, and beauty. Ultimately, the name that you select for your female cat should represent her personality and be something that you are comfortable with.

1. Sabrina

2. Samantha

3. Sylvia

4. Sally

5. Salome

6. Scarlett

7. Serena

8. Sassy

9. Sophia

10. Star

11. Stella

12. Sunshine

13. Sweetie

14. Sapphire

15. Sadie

16. Sabina

17. Sable

18. Sienna

19. Sugar

20. Scarlet

21. Seraphina

22. Sabine

23. Serenity

24. Sadie Mae

25. Savannah