75+ Cat Names That Start With L

Cat Names That Start With L

If you are looking for the adorably cat-tastic name for your new kitty, why not start with the one that begins with the letter “L”? Whether you’re looking for something traditional, unique, or just downright silly, there are plenty of options to choose from. From classical Latin names to comical ones, the names that start with “L” are truly something special.

25 Cat Names That Start With L

1. Leo

Leo is a classic and timeless name for cats. It comes from the Latin word for “lion” and is also the name of the zodiac sign Leo. It’s a strong and regal name that can work for cats of any breed.

2. Lily

Lily is a cute and feminine name for cats that are often associated with flowers, purity, and innocence. It’s a great name for cats who are calm and graceful.

3. Luna

In addition to being a beautiful and mysterious name for cats, Luna is often associated with dreams, night, and magic. It’s an ideal name for cats who are curious and explore the night.

4. Loki

There is no other name for cats like it, it is unusual and unique, but Loki is known for his trickery, mischief, and mischief-making. It’s an interesting and fun name that will make your cat stand out!

5. Lola

Lola is a fun and playful name for cats. It’s a Spanish name associated with music, dance, and joy. It’s a great name for cats who are lively and full of energy.

6. Louie

French in origin, this name means “renowned warrior”, and has a classic, powerful feel that is often associated with bravery and courage. 

 7. Lucille

Lucille is a classic name for a sweet and loving cat. It is a French name meaning “light” or “illumination”. It is perfect for a gentle and friendly cat who loves to be around people. 

Liam: This is a strong and masculine name for a cat and it is often used to refer to a pet who is brave. The name also has a lot of Irish flairs, making it a great choice for fans of Celtic culture. 

8. Leonard 

In the US, Leonard is a popular first name for baby boys, and it makes a good choice for male cats as well. This name originated in the late 18th century out of Scotland, and means “little lord” or “little noble one”.

9. Lucky

If you choose this name for your cat, he or she will live a long and happy life. It has a classic and bold feel and is often associated with happiness and good luck. It comes from the Latin word “lux”, which means “luck”.

10. Lillian

There are so many lovely names for a female cat. If you want your feline companion to have an aristocratic look, then the name Lillian will work for her. It has a royal feel to it, which will help give your kitty a regal sense of style.

11. Lucas

As a result of combining Luke and Elisabeth, this name was born. It means “of God”, “God’s gift” or “belonging to God”. Lucas is a very popular name, especially for boys.

 12. Libby

An affectionate, gentle cat would be named Libby. It’s derived from the Latin word liber, meaning “free”, which is an excellent way to show your cat how much you care.

13. Lyla

You can make your cat stand out in the crowd with this trendy-sounding name. It comes from the Latin word lula, which is a variant of lulla, meaning “pretty”. This is a great way to describe your kitty’s eyes.

14. Lydia

A sweet-sounding name, Lydia is named after the Greek goddess of fate. It was also the name of a character in the Bible and referred to the daughter of Hosea and the sister of Hezekiah.

15. Lulu

You’ll look back on all those sleepless nights with nostalgia when you choose this adorable name for your kitty. It comes from the French word for “lily”, meaning “sweet-smelling”.

16. Lyra

Named after the mythical city Lycia in Turkey, where people were known to be very fair. It has since come to mean “light-skinned” but it also means “blonde”, so you can’t go wrong.

17. Linnet

This cute name is named after the bird, the Linnet. It’s an American native bird with a striking yellow head. For your pet cat, it is a lovely name that is soft, gentle, and full of life.

18. Lillith

Historically, this name is associated with the biblical Lilith, Eve’s grandmother, and Adam’s first wife. It’s derived from Hebrew, and means “night”. A pretty feline deserves such a lovely name.

19. Liza

Since Elizabeth Taylor used it in her film National Velvet, this name has gained popularity among British people. A name is a short form of Elizabeth, which is the English version of the name Lisa. But, the meaning behind the name remains the same – it is a shortened version of the name Liza. It’s a pretty cute name for a cat, especially if you have a fondness for Elizabeth Taylor.

20. Lucien

Ludovic Lucien was a French painter who died in 1938. This name is derived from Latin and means “bright light”. It’s a pretty name and perfect for a charming cat.

21. Lucia

Another name with the same meaning as Ludovic is Lucia. Like Ludovic, it’s also a Latin name. Lucia is the feminine form of the name Lucius. It means “light” that’s why this name is usually given to girls.

22. Louise

The name Louise is also pretty and has the same meaning as Lucia. The Louise part comes from the French word for “pretty”. It’s a feminine version of the Louis name. This name is not used much nowadays but it was very popular in the 19th century.

23. Lupe

Despite its popularity, Lupe is one of those names that have been around for quite some time. It’s a name that can be either a boy’s or a girl’s name. Lupe means “mighty” in Spanish and is a short form of Lope. It’s a masculine name that originated in Spain.

24. Luz

Luz comes from the Latin word “lux” which means light. It has been in use since the early 2000s but didn’t become super popular until the late 2010s. Luz is another name that can be used to refer to both male and female cats.

25. Lyushen

Lyu Shen is a Chinese name that means “bright moon”. If your cat is white, Lyu Shen is a suitable name for them. It’s also a variant of the word, Li Yu that has been in use for at least 1000 years.

25 Boy Cat Names That Start With L

Boy Cat Names That Start With L 

There are so many cat names that start with “L” and “Lu” that it’s hard to decide what to call them. Here are some cute male cat names that start with the letter “L”.

1. Lance

2. Levon

3. Lucian

4. Lex

5. Larry

6. Luke

7. Luther

8. Lucian

9. Logan

10. Leslie

11. Levi

12. Lawrence

13. Lyndon

14. Lionel

15. Lloyd

16. Lester

17. Liam

18. Lutin

19. Lamont

20. Laddie

21. Leroy

22. Leonard

23. Lawson

24. Lowell

25. Lala

25 Girl Cat Names That Start With L

Girl Cat Names That Start With L

 1. Lavina

2. Linzi

3. Laveera

4. Lael

5. Leena

6. Lilo

7. Lakeisha

8. Larissa

9. Lacey

10. Leana

11. Liara

12. Leno

13. Lindra

14. Livia

15. Lashy

16. Litchy

17. Lark

18. Larissa

19. Lizzie

20. Lalea

21. Laural

22. Lana

23. Laureen

24. Lindsay

25. Lara