75+ Art Inspired Cat Names

Art Inspired Cat Names

Yes, we’re talking about Art Inspired Cat Names! Get ready to embark on a journey through the art gallery of imagination, where the feline realm and the realm of artistic creation come together in whimsical harmony.

These names take inspiration from iconic works of art, literature, and music. From Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” to J.K. Rowling’s “Hedwig”, your cat can become a part of culture and history. With names like “Van Gogh” and “Beethoven”, your furry friend will have a name that’s as unique as their personality.

Not only will you get a chance to show off your kitty’s creativity, but you’ll also be able to give them a truly one-of-a-kind fun name.

25 Art-Inspired Cat Names

Art-Inspired Cat Names

1. Picasso kitty

This name is inspired by the Spanish painter and sculptor, Picasso. It has a strong, artistic, and unique flair to it. So, if you like your pets to be like the artist that created them, go ahead and name them after him!

2. Rembrandt

Rembrandt was an artist who loved to create, and he was known for painting faces in his works. His paintings often show a very expressive face with lots of character, making him a great inspiration to pet owners looking for a name for their cat or kitten.

3. Monet

If you think your kitty looks like the painter Claude Monet, you can use this as a great name for them. His paintings are all about water and are some of the most popular in art history.

4. Kandinsky meo

This artist took abstract art to a whole new level, using color in combination with form and light to create what would now be called abstract art. He was a big inspiration to artists who were not afraid to experiment with color and form. You could name your feline friend after this artist if you have a very artistic and abstract type of personality.

5. Dali billi

Why not name your cat after the artist Salvador Dali? Not only does this name represent a very surreal animal, but it also represents a very crazy artist. This famous artist has had his work featured in many different films including The Exorcist. His bright colors made him one of the first artists to make art fashion-forward. He’s also credited with creating a new style of surrealism.

6. Frida

This name is inspired by the Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. It’s a strong and unique name for a cat with an artistic and independent spirit. Because of her self-expression, she stands out from the crowd. The name Frida also means “friend” in Spanish so it is perfect for your beloved cat.

7. Vincent van Gogh

Another famous artist whose works are featured in many films. It’s also been suggested that he may have inspired the character of Starry Eyes from Inside Llewyn Davis. His most famous piece of work is probably Starry Night. This painting inspired the song “Starry Eyed” by Van Morrison.

8. Monet

Light and color were the highlights of Claude Monet’s paintings. His works often feature beautiful landscapes and blossoming flowers, capturing the beauty of nature uniquely and exquisitely. This is the perfect name for a cat who loves to spend time outdoors, exploring nature and soaking up the sun.

9. Warhol 

Dedicated to pop art pioneer Andy Warhol, this name pays tribute to his vibrant work. Color and composition were Warhol’s strengths, and this name is the best for a cat who loves to stand out. It also has a fun, quirky sound to it that is perfect for any playful feline.

10. Nebula

Nebula is a name inspired by the vast expanse of stars and galaxies in the night sky. Symbolizing the open-ended possibilities of the universe, Cats with this name love to explore beyond the confines of their house because they’re curious and adventurous. With its celestial origins, it’s also a name that will always connect them to the night sky, no matter how far their explorations may take them. 

11. Chagall

It was named after the Russian-French artist Marc Chagall, whose paintings were often characterized by vibrant colors and abstract shapes. This cat’s personality is one of intelligence, creativity, and energy. Its fur is a mix of various colors, creating a unique and beautiful coat. This cat loves to explore and comes up with interesting ways to express itself. It’s always the first to jump into a new adventure and loves to be the center of attention.

12. Degas

Taking its name from the French artist Edgar Degas, renowned for his paintings of dancers and musicians. It is a beautiful choice for a graceful and elegant cat, as the name evokes a sense of beauty and art. The name is also associated with French culture, so it can be a great way to honor a family’s heritage or a tribute to a beloved pet who has passed on.

13. Chimera

A chimera is a mythical creature composed of different parts of several animals. This cat’s name is inspired by the mythological creature and embodies the idea of being composed of different personalities. This name can be used for cats that have unpredictable personalities, are intelligent but mischievous, and have a unique style of their own.

14. Klimt

In honor of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, this name was created. He is best known for his decorative and often erotic paintings, which feature elaborate patterns and shimmering gold leaf designs. With its intricate detail and vibrant colors, Klimt is a suitable name for a cat who enjoys exploring its environment and basking in its beauty.

15. Cezanne

Choosing this name would be a great choice if your cat has a creative and curious personality. They will always be exploring and looking for new and exciting experiences. As Cezanne is considered one of the founders of modern art and is celebrated for his innovative techniques.

16. Michelangelo

A sculptor, painter, and poet of the Italian Renaissance, Michelangelo is the inspiration for this name. He is best known for his sculptures and painting of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Giving your cat this name would be a great reminder of beauty and art. 

17. Matisse

Matisse’s artwork is full of color, motion, and light, which matches this playful and outgoing personality. He was an early expressionist and he loved using bright and vivid colors. These are all characteristics that are represented by this name.

18. Da Vinci

From Italian, this name means “the genius”,  If your cat loves to explore their surroundings and find new places, then it will enjoy this name. Da Vinci was an influential Italian polymath who made major contributions to science, engineering, architecture, invention, and art.

19. Vincent

Vincent van Gogh, one of the greatest post-impressionist painters, inspired this name. His iconic works, such as “Starry Night” and “The Potato Eaters”, are renowned for their bold colors, thick brush strokes, and expressionistic style. Vincent would be a great name for a determined and passionate cat.

20. Georgia

An American modernist painter, O’Keeffe’s work is known for its abstract depictions of natural forms, particularly flowers. Her works often explore the beauty of the natural world and the spiritual qualities of nature. Georgia would be an ideal name for a curious and nature-loving cat.

21. Gertrude

William Shakespeare’s mother’s name was Gertrude. In addition to having a unique meaning, this name has a special connection with cats. It is thought that a female cat may have been named after this name when it was adopted by a family in the 17th century.

22. Lily

In the same tradition as Stein, Lily developed a literary career that influenced and inspired generations of writers and artists. She has written works such as “The Making of Americans” and “The Autobiography of Alice B. So the cats who are named after her are likely to be playful, creative, and clever. Lily would be a better name for a lively and inquisitive cat.

23. Cora

Originally derived from Latin, this feminine name means ‘desire’ or ‘heart’. Cora is the feminine form of Core, the name of a character in Greek mythology. This cat might not be afraid to let their desires show.

24. Oda

This Japanese name means ‘joy’, ‘pleasure’, ‘wisdom’, and ‘beauty’. The name of one of Japan’s most famous painters, Oda, would be a fitting name for a playful and happy cat.

25. Klee

Named after Swiss-born painter Paul Klee, this name is ideal for a cat with bright, bold markings on its fur. Klee’s artwork was known for its vibrant colors and abstract shapes, making it a great source of inspiration for a unique cat name.

25 Art-Inspired Girl Cat Names

Art-Inspired Girl Cat Names

1. Nicky

2. Violet

3. Mandy 

4. Shirley

5. Nellie 

6. Blanchard 

7. Artemisia 

8. Gentileschi 

9. Mary

10. Cassatt

11. Sofonisba 

12. Anguissola

13. Berthe 

14. Morisot 

15. Rosa

16. Bonheur 

17. Berta 

18. Hlaváček

19. Kathe 

20. Kollwitz 

21. Louise 

22. Nevelson

23. Tamara 

24. Lempicka 

25. Margaret

25 Art-Inspired Boy Cat Names

Art-Inspired Boy Cat Names

1. Miro

2. Theo

3. Hals

4. Man Ray

5. Dufy

6. Raphael 

7. Botticelli 

8. Renoir 

9. Vermeer 

10. Titian

11. Duchamp

12. Kupka

13. Caravaggio 

14. Siqueiros

15. Calder

16. Jasper Johns

17. De Stijl

18. Hockney

19. Pissarro 

20. Magritte

21. Hopper

22. Wyeth 

23. Gaudi

24. Rothko

25. Léger